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History of the WHS Ex-Students' Association

In 1960, Cecil Burton had the idea to put together an organization that would enable WHS ex-students to reunite and revisit the old school days with each other during Homecoming weekend.  Burton contacted a few of his friends, Bill and Charlene Pitts, Lillian Neal and George Brown about this idea.  Through their combined efforts to maintain ties with their fellow graduates, promote school traditions and pride in the community, they gave birth to this new organization in 1961.  Since then, the Waxahachie Ex-Students' Association has had over 40 presidents, and has given thousands of dollars in scholarships.  

The by-laws of the Waxahachie Ex-Students' Association specifically state

          "The purpose of this association shall be 
                    (1) by means of Homecoming reunion activities to encourage former students of Waxahachie High School 
                          to keep in touch with their classmates, teachers and friends and 

                    (2) to give active and meaningful support to Waxahachie High School."

                       1961 Directors of the WHS Ex-Students' Association

Cecil Burton
Mrs. James Curry (Dorothy Jean)             
L.T. Felty
Ms. Mabel Grizzard
Buddy Hosford
Lester Jordon                                   
Mrs. Wiley Motley                          
Mrs. Philip Rudolph (Annette)  
Mrs. B.C. Wallace                            
Mrs. Charley Wilson (Iris)   

Barney Wray